Thursday, 19. April 2018

NAMF Inauguration

NAMF Inauguration


The Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development, Dr Michael Humavindu, recently officially inaugurated the Namibian Association of Metal Fabrication (NAMF).

NAMF is a voluntary association that exists to represent, promote and grow the interests of its members, legally involved in the value chain of Namibia’s metal fabrication industry.

Dr Humavindu encouraged local metal fabricators to make use of opportunities such as the upcoming Southern African Development Community (SADC) Industrialisation Strategy meeting being held in Namibia, to propose their own assembly components.

“The Namibian Association of Metal Fabrication’s substance is in its membership and its effectiveness will be determined by the participation of all stakeholders in the Metal Fabrication Industry” advised the NAMF Management Committee Chairperson, Mr Brian Christian.

The inauguration which was held at the National Independence Memorial Restaurant on 18 April 2018 was also used as a platform to launch the Metal Fabrication Industry Producer Directory and the NAMF interactive website. The Producer Directory which was launched by the NAMF Management Committee Vice Chairperson Mr. Nico Goosen aims to increase access to local Metal Fabricators. During the launch of the interactive website, the Metal Fabrication Industry Growth Facilitator Mr. Sam Geiseb outlined the different services designed by NAMF for its members. These services include ‘Negotiation and Advocacy’, ‘Interaction with stakeholders’, ‘Promotion and Marketing’, ‘Research and Development’, ‘Promoting Best Practices and Standards’, and ‘Information and Advisory Services.’